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Catalog of Additional Educational Programs (Minor)

Additional educational program (Minor) is a set of disciplines and (or) modules and other types of educational work defined by the student for study in order to form additional competencies (Rules for organizing the educational process on credit technology of education Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 12.10.2018 No. 563).

The student, when determining the individual learning trajectory within the framework of the university component and (or) the component of choice, chooses:

  • disciplines in the main educational program (Major)
  • disciplines in the additional educational program (Minor).
Minor is an important component of the new educational model of the bachelor's degree, the implementation of which was launched at the Kostanay Regional University named after A.Baitursynov in 2020. Unlike Major (an educational program defined by the student for studying in order to form key competencies), Minor is a block of four interrelated disciplines of a non–core training area for a student.

Students from the 2nd year, when determining an individual learning trajectory, can replace disciplines from the main educational program with an additional educational program in the total amount of -20 credits.

A separate CAD is being developed for an additional educational program

The procedure for choosing and mastering disciplines in an additional educational program is carried out to obtain additional competencies in related or specialized subjects, as well as to meet the personal needs of the student

The disciplines of additional OP are studied by students within the framework of the disciplines of VC and CV and their volume is included in the total amount of academic credits required for awarding the appropriate degree or qualification in the main OP.

Each student is required to choose one Minor to study. Minor is studied in the third and fourth year of bachelor's degree.

Minor catalogs for undergraduate students:


Name Minor Note  
Big data and the basics of computational linguistic    
Agrofudtech industry    
Data analyst from scratch For all EP, except for the direction of ICT  
Graphic design and internet profession    
Distance learning technologie For the EP of the field of Pedagogical Sciences  
Climate change and the green economy    
Industrial biotechnology For EP Biotechnology  
Intelligent information systems for economists and lawyers    
Artificial intelligence of virtual reality    
Clinical and pedagogical foundations special education  For EP Special pedagogy  
Laboratory and chemical analysis For EP Standardization and certification in the production of food products, Technology of processing and food production, Technology of food products  
Scientific knowledge of the world For  EP the field of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics  
Fundamentals of actuarial mathematics For EP Math  
Fundamentals of procurement production For EP Mechanical Engineering  
Basics of Animal Parasitology For everyone except EP Veterinary Medicine  
Basics of creating and designing a festive costume    
Fundamentals of coaching For FCS, NVP and FC  
Fundamentals of sustainable agriculture For EP Agronomy  
Teacher-assistant in general education organizations For an EP in the field of pedagogical sciences  
Educational animation For the EP of the field of pedagogical sciences  
Practice-oriented English English language proficiency level at least High B1  
Practical work of a teacher-psychologist For the EP pedagogical direction  
Psychocorrectional work with children with developmental disorders For EP Psychology  
Psychology achievementof success    
Psychology of career For everyone except EP Psychology  
Psychology of happiness For everyone except EP Psychology  
Reasonable finances For everyone except EP Finance  
Ational nutrition is the key to your health    
Modern communication capabilities For all EP, except for the direction of Journalism and information  
Modern marketing tools    
Current trends in law For EP direction right  
Cio-economic, cuiturai history of K azakhstan and the role of kazakh figures For everyone except EP History and the field of Pedagogical Sciences  
Startup idea and desire to create
For the EP direction of ICT, Engineering and Engineering
Financial literacy  For all EP, except for the business and management direction  
Halal food and proper nutrition    
Digital transformation in MKSH For an EP in the field of pedagogical sciences  
School of confectionery art For all but EP Processing and Food production technology  
Human ecology in the conditions of digitalization    
Electronics of success For everyone except EP Physics  
Electrical engineering is simple For everyone except EP Electric power, Transport, transport equipment and technology, Agricultural machinery and technology  
Elements of Higher Mathematics at school For an EP in the field of pedagogical sciences  
Ethology and peculiarities of animal treatment For the EP area of Veterinary Medicine  
Business efficiency and production management For everyone except EP Economics, Management, Marketing  
Language and intercultural communication    
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