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Second higher education

Get 2 higher educations at the best university in Kazakhstan - Kostanay Regional University named after Akhmet  Baitursynuly!

Persons who already have a higher education (at least a bachelor's degree) and would like to receive another education can apply for a second higher education.

Advantages of a second higher education:

  1. The desire to change profession. Often, after working for several years in his specialty, a person realizes that this is not his occupation at all, but something else attracts him.
  2. Striving for career growth. In many cases, a new or additional qualification (economic, legal, pedagogical, etc.) is required at the current place of work.
  3. Striving for self-improvement. Higher education is the acquisition of new knowledge and if you approach it seriously, it will lead to personal development. During the training, not only new knowledge appears, but also old ideas are enriched, new interests are outlined for further advancement.

The second higher education in Kazakhstan is obtained only on a paid basis with an accelerated period of study (2-3 years).

Admission to the OVPO of persons with higher education, according to a group of educational programs providing for reduced terms of study on a fee-based basis, is carried out by the admissions committees of the OVPO. To enter the university, you do not need to take entrance exams, it is enough to pass an interview at the admissions committee.

Upon admission to reduced educational programs, the results of the previous level of formal education are recognized automatically, the number of academic credits mastered and the duration of training are reduced. The list of necessary prerequisites and the terms of their development are determined by universities independently.

Enrollment in the number of students is carried out by the admission committee of the university from August 10 to 25 on the basis of the formation of an academic group for an interview.

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