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Scientific Library

The scientific library of the university is an information, educational, cultural center

The mission is to improve the quality of services provided, to assist the educational process in training competitive specialists, to support scientific research of the University using modern information technologies.


  • Active participation in the educational and humanitarian-educational activities of the university, the formation of students' socially necessary knowledge and skills, citizenship.
  • Fostering a high information culture among users.
  • Improving the work of the department based on the introduction of modern technologies.
  • Improving the quality of user service based on studying their information needs and improving the ways to fulfill them.
  • Promotion, disclosure and preservation of the scientific and educational fund.
The priority direction is the formation of a fund of electronic resources.

The Scientific Library introduces new information technologies into its activities; it has computer copying and multiplying equipment, an automated library information system; it is connected to the global computer network Internet.

Systematic work is being carried out to develop the information culture of users.

The Scientific Library introduces students to the study, preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.The Scientific Library introduces students to the study, preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

The Scientific Library is a regional methodological center for libraries of secondary professional and higher educational institutions of the city and region.

One of the types of communication activities of the scientific library is professional relations with educational libraries of the leading universities of the country.


Address: Kostanay, Abaya ave. 28 Scientific Library
Phone: 8(7142) 55-79-29
E-mail: bibl_ksu@mail.ru
Acting head of the scientific library: Yerzhanova Zhamilya Sermagambetovna

Address: Kostanay, Pushkin str., 136
Phone: 8(7142) 54-59-13
E-mail: nbkgpi@mail.ru
Deputy Head of the Scientific Library: Sania Bezaubekova

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