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Research work of students

Research work of students is one of the most important means of improving the quality of training and education of specialists with higher education who are able to creatively, reasonably, deliberately apply modern achievements of science in practical activities.

The main goals of research work of students are:

  • mastering (within the framework of a unified educational and scientific process) a system of concepts, judgments and conclusions in the field of profession (specialty) based on knowledge and skills and experience of activity.
  • mastering scientific methods of cognition by students;
  • acquisition of skills for independent solving of scientific and practical tasks;
  • acquisition of work skills in research teams, familiarization with the methods of organizing their work;
  • education of students' need for creativity, self-education, continuous improvement of their knowledge, in-depth and creative development of educational material;
  • formation of a scientific approach to assessing the relevance of scientific directions (works) that ensure the real economic, social or spiritual progress of society;
  • establishing close links of student's interests with the scientific and educational direction of the department, strengthening his creative contacts with the teacher in the binary learning process;
  • participation in conferences, round tables, competitions, seminars and training with presentations on the subject matter.

Forms and methods of organizing research work of students:

  • Scientific research work of students is a continuation and deepening of the educational process and is organized directly at the departments. The basis of the organization of scientific research work of students is the research work carried out by the teaching staff of the department. The content of the research should correspond to the profile of the department.
  • The scientific research work of students included in the educational process provides for the performance of laboratory, term papers and theses containing elements of scientific research, scientific abstracts; the introduction of elements of scientific research into practical and seminar classes; active participation in scientific events, conferences, competitions, academic competitions; the performance of specific tasks of a research nature during the educational, industrial and pre-graduate practices.
  • Research carried out during extracurricular time is organized in the form of student scientific circles, clubs, associations, bureaus, creative workshops, etc.; participation in contractual, grant and initiative works of research institutes and research centers; lecturing students in schools of the city to disseminate knowledge in the field of science, culture; introducing students to scientific creativity, conducting career guidance work, interaction with the Department of Science and postgraduate education.
  • The main organizational and mass events of the Research Institute are competitions of student business projects, scientific works of students; student scientific conferences; university and republican student scientific competitions; exhibitions of scientific and technical creativity of students; university, republican, international

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