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To the entrant

Dear applicants!

Kostanay Regional University is an unusual and amazing university! Despite the fact that it cannot claim to be the oldest or largest university in our country, in terms of the number of bright victories and significant achievements in certain areas of higher and postgraduate education organizations, our university is often not only not inferior to eminent universities, but also surpasses them.

The rich and fascinating history of our university was created by a large number of talented, strong-willed and extraordinary people who loved their Alma mater and worked here in the best traditions of domestic education.

Carefully preserving all the good and bright things that were inherited from senior colleagues, the current team follows the advanced trends in science and innovation, actively develops itself and develops our university. KRU graduates combine high professional qualifications and deep interdisciplinary knowledge. As a result, for several generations now, residents of Kostanay region, having studied here themselves, bring their children and grandchildren to us.

The scientific and innovative work of the university is aimed at the development of fundamental and applied research, the creation of high-tech products, meeting the needs of modern production and society. Practical results of scientific research and development of KRU teachers in the field of crop economics, agriculture, agrochemistry and soil science, microbiology, veterinary and animal husbandry, plant and animal biotechnology, mechanization and electrification of agriculture, IT technologies, archeology, as well as humanitarian and pedagogical areas are widely used in the republic.

One of the leading activities of the university is international cooperation. Dual degree programs, academic mobility, international scientific and educational projects are being implemented, scientific events are being held with the active participation of foreign partners of the university.

According to the results of the annual rating, 80% of the educational programs of the university's universities are ranked in the NCE "Atameken" and show stable dynamics of indicators. What is especially important, the university is accredited and all educational programs are 100% accredited. All this confirms as well as possible that education at Kostanay Regional University is not only the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and the formation of professional competencies, it is also compliance with international requirements for modern specialists.

Kostanay Regional University named after A. Baitursynov has created all conditions not only for professional training, but also for the harmonious development of personality. Much attention is paid to the disclosure of the abilities and talents of students in cultural, sports and social life. Bright events, exciting projects, scientific discoveries and new interesting acquaintances – all this is waiting for you at our university!

We are waiting for you in the walls of Kostanay Regional University, as well as on this website and pages in social networks!

Admission committee