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List of documents for admission (bachelor's degree)

List of documents for admission:

  1. Document on general secondary, technical and vocational, post-secondary or higher education (original and one copy);
  2. 6 photo cards measuring 3 x 4 centimeters;
  3. Medical certificate in form 075/y (original and one copy);
  4. A copy of the medical certificate in the form 065/y or 063/y;
  5. Three copies of the identity document;
  6. Two copies of the UNT results;
  7. Certificate of the award of an educational grant (if any);
  8. An extract from the statement (for applicants for educational programs of higher education requiring special and (or) creative training, including in the fields of education "Pedagogical Sciences";
  9. Documents confirming the preferential right/quota/benefit.

If an incomplete list of documents is provided, the admission committee of the university does not accept documents.

The address of the admission committee: Kostanay, ul. Independence, 118

Email:  talapker@ksu.edu.kz

Instagram: kru_kst_priyem

Tel: 8 (7142) 54-28-49

Admission committee