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Regional “Smart Center”

Regional “Smart Center” - a division of Akhmet Baitursynuly Kostanay Regional University, ensuring the consolidation of efforts and interests of business, science, and society in the field of digitalization of production, technology transfer, commercialization of ideas, promoting the training of specialists, and personnel training in the agricultural sector.


  • implementation of interesting ideas in the fields of business, science, and production.


  • development and mastering of new equipment, technologies, and materials using advanced IT technologies and existing scientific and technical potential;
  • involvement of academic, teaching, and research staff, production specialists, graduate and postgraduate students in scientific, production, and entrepreneurial activities in the field of digital and other innovative technologies;
  • implementation of innovative approaches and methods in the university’s educational process.

Technical equipment

The Smart Center is equipped with modern equipment, including 50 powerful HP ProOne all-in-one computers, interactive panels, desktop projectors, photo-video equipment, own server, local network, and Wi-Fi throughout the building.


The Smart Center is a two-story building with a total area of ​​4500 sq/m.

This area includes two floors of office space totaling 3000 sq/m and a basement floor of 1500 sq/m for “dirty” production.

The territory has its own parking for 10-15 cars, a park with a recreation area, a private entrance and exit under security.


Technology transfer and commercialization office


  • development and improvement of methods and tools of activity of academic and teaching staff and students on the way to creating intellectual property: from idea to implementation in serial production;
  • collection and analysis of information on scientific developments of the university and other organizations, identification of promising directions and technologies, partners, and specific inventions for the implementation of business ideas; promotion of business ideas in the field of research services;
  • consultations, including in the field of intellectual property protection; work with external experts
  • search for sources of funding for the commercialization of developments;
  • presentation of developments by academic and teaching staff and students at competitions, exhibitions, etc .;
  • preparation and support of innovative projects related to the creation of a new enterprise.



  • training and certification of IT specialists;
  • implementation of pilot projects in the field of IT;
  • professional development of teachers in the use of IT in the educational process;
  • development and implementation of software and technical products of the center;
  • conducting career guidance, competitions, seminars, hackathons in the field of IT.

Qostanai IT Hub

Regional branch of AstanaHub.

A platform for developing IT skills among young people. Thanks to the skills acquired here, the younger generation will be able to create startup projects and learn. Also located here is a regional startup incubator, which AstanaHub develops with local partners.

A total of 7674 applications were received for participation in StartupOrda nationwide. During the training program, more than 285 events were organized, 122 of which were held in online format, with the active participation of about 10 thousand interested parties. In the Kostanay region, there were about 200 applications and 25 startup projects.



  • development and promotion of startups
  • meetings with successful business people of the city and region
  • providing consulting assistance to students in applying for participation in various competitions, olympiads, creative competitions;

Formation of a database of startup projects.

During the entire existence of the regional “Smart Center,” 5 incubation programs have been conducted, and more than 1000 people have been trained in the basics of entrepreneurship. Our partners are AstanaHub and NARI QazInnovations JSC.


Cyber ​​sports space for Baitursynov University students.

Students develop teamwork skills, tactical skills, critical thinking, and other skills demanded in the modern world.



  • «BIOTECH LAB»: bioleaching of non-ferrous metals; research in the field of organic waste utilization technologies, etc .;
  • «AGRO-CHEM LAB»: study of soil and grain quality indicators;
  • «PHYS-CHEM LAB»: electrochemical studies, chromatography, etc.


  • implementation of innovative projects, grant and program-targeted financing projects;
  • completion of master’s and doctoral theses based on the laboratory complex;
  • conclusion of economic contractual topics for the provision of paid services;
  • development, implementation, and commercialization of own and transfer of promising technologies.
Admission committee