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Council of Young Scientists

Abdirkenova Akbidash Kapanovna

Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

E-mail: akbidashabdirkenova@mail.ru

Telephone: 8 (705) 226-94-79

Bermukhametov Zhanaidar Zhagparovich

Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists 

Master of Technical Sciences

E-mail: Zhanaidar007@gmail.com

Telephone: 8 (777) 412-88-99

Abenova Zhazirayim Muratbekovna

Secretary of the Council of Young Scientists

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

E-mail: abenova.zhm@ksu.edu.kz

Telephone: 8 (707) 370-62-21

The Council of Young Scientists of Akhmet Baytursynuly Kostanay Regional University is a public youth organization, designed to promote the professional development of young scientists. The subject of activity of the YSA is the development of creative scientific activity of young scientists, as well as representation of interests of young scientists in the issues of improvement of working conditions, life and organization of leisure time. Young scientists" means scientific-pedagogical workers, master and doctoral students of KRU named after Akhmet Baytursynuly engaged in scientific research at the age of up to 40 years old.

The objectives of the Council are to promote the professional formation of young scientists, protection of their professional and social interests, creative experience and maximum use of scientific potential of young scientists, uniting their efforts to solve priority scientific problems.

To achieve these goals, the Council carries out the following activities:

  • organizes and conducts scientific conferences, seminars, field exhibitions, forums, congresses and other events in which young scientists could participate;
  • conducts work to inform young scientists about scientific research and events held by domestic and foreign organizations;
  • coordinates the activities of scientific research of young scientists, plans and provides the necessary assistance in the organization of visiting schools and conferences, scientific trips of young scientists;
  • carries out joint activities with the student scientific society of KRU named after A. Baitursynuly by involving young scientists in the organization of scientific work of students, carries out actions aimed at improving living conditions, work and leisure activities of young scientists;
  • promotes the development of direct contacts between young scientists for the organization of interdisciplinary complex scientific research by young scientists, aimed at solving urgent and practically significant problems of modern science;
  • carries out other types of activity corresponding to the set goals and not contradicting the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the present Statute.
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