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Department of Youth Policy

The structure of the DYP

Rakpanova Diana Bolatovna

Acting Head of the Youth Policy Department


Sidakhmetova Aidana Kanatovna

Specialist of the Youth Policy Department


Specialist of the Youth Policy Department


Kunilsky Kirill Ruslanovich

Specialist of the Youth Policy Department


Begezhanov Murat Askarovich

Specialist of the Youth Policy Department


The main tasks of the DYP:

  • development, implementation and maintenance of an effective educational process management system at the university;
  • organization of the work of student self-government bodies at the university; creation of conditions for the harmonious development of personality and activation of student youth in the implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • implementation of the Concept of educational work of the University for 2021-2025; • formation of Kazakhstani patriotism, a system of ideals, norms and values in the minds of young people;
  • regular monitoring of the state and dynamics of changes in the religious consciousness of students, the spread of radical destructive ideas among young people;
  • promotion of the ideas of tolerant relations and national unity of the citizens of Kazakhstan;
  • formation of legal literacy and zero tolerance for corruption among students;
  • carrying out work to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people.

Kostanay Regional University named after A. Baitursynuly is following the path of creating a centralized student government – an initiative team of leaders whose actions are aimed at solving the problems of student youth.

This is an integral mechanism that allows students to participate in the management of the university and in the organization of their life activities through collegial interacting student government bodies of academic groups, institutes, universities, and Student Houses.

Student self – government is an independent, creative and responsible activity of students in solving vital issues of organizing education, everyday life, and leisure. Being an element of the general management system of the educational process at the university, student self-government assumes maximum consideration of the interests and needs of students based on the study of their public opinion.

The main tasks of the student government are:

  1. developing students' responsible and creative attitude to study and social activities;
  2. formation of an active life position, managerial skills based on independence in solving student life issues;
  3. fostering initiative qualities that shape the competitiveness of future specialists;
  4. assistance to the administration, the teaching staff in the organization and improvement of the educational process;
  5. organization of students' free time, promotion of the versatile development of the personality of each member of the student body;
  6. Activation of the activities of public organizations at the university.

Today, the Student Parliament unites the activities of almost 80% of the entire student body of the university. Student councils of the House of Students are public bodies coordinating cultural, sports, recreational, educational work aimed at forming the student community of the hostel and improving social and living conditions.

In general, the organization of student self-government is aimed at improving the quality of academic performance and strengthening the academic discipline of students, realizing their professional and social interests, creative potential and socially significant initiatives, creating a favorable socio-psychological climate in the student environment.

The result of the activity of the student government is the implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and student corporate culture.

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