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Groups of educational programs

6B01 Pedagogical sciences
6B02 Arts and Humanities
6B03 Social sciences, Journalism and Information
6B04 Business, Management and Law
6B05 Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics
6B06 Information and communication technologies
6B07 Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries
6B08 Agriculture and Bioresources
6B09 Veterinary
6B11 Services
B001 Pedagogy and psychology
B002 Early childhood education and training
B003 Pedagogy and methods of primary education
B004 Teacher training in basic military training
B005 Physical education and sport
B006 Teacher training in music
B007 Teacher training in artistic production and technical drawing
B009 Teacher training in mathematics
B010 Teacher training in physics
B011 Teacher training in informatics
B012 Teacher training in chemistry
B013 Teacher training in biology
B014 Teacher training in geography
B015 Teacher training in humanitarian subjects
B016 Teacher training in Kazakh language and literature
B017 Teacher training in Russian language and literature
B018 Teacher training in foreign language
B020 Training of specialists in special pedagogy
B034 History and archeology
B036 Translation studies
B037 Philology
В041 Psychology
B042 Journalism and reporting
B043 Library science, information processing and archival studies
В044 Management and administration
B045 Auditing and taxation
B046 Finance, economics, banking and insurance
B047 Marketing and advertizing
B049 Law
B050 Biological and related sciences
B051 Environment
B053 Chemistry
B054 Physics
B055 Mathematics and statistics
В057 Information and communication technologies
В062 Electrical engineering and energy
В064 Mechanics and metal working
В065 Motor vehicles
В068 Food production
В076 Standardization, certification and metrology (by industries)
B077 Crop production
B078 Animal production
B183 Agroengineering
B083 Veterinary
B091 Tourism
B092 Leisure
B093 Restaurant business and hotel management
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