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Foreign scientists

One of the main indicators of increasing the internationalization of educational and scientific processes at the Kostanay Regional University named after A.Baitursynuly is the involvement of foreign professors from leading foreign universities.

Professors in the process of exchanging experience give lectures, help in developing joint educational programs and conducting scientific research, act as foreign scientific supervisors for our PhD students, participate in scientific events.

The work on attracting foreign scientists to the university is carried out constantly in the process of cooperation with foreign partner universities and in accordance with the preliminary agreement and the needs of the university.

The main criteria and prerequisites for inviting a foreign scholar are:

  • authority of the scientist in the international academic community, which is confirmed by the experience of work, experience in international activities, publications in scientific publications, recommendations of scientists in the relevant field of activity;
  • сonformity of the purpose of stay of the foreign expert to the strategic purposes and tasks, priority directions of development of A.Baitursynuly Kostanay Regional University and inviting him structural division.

The invitation of foreign scholars is aimed at internationalization of education at the university, stimulates the active implementation of the principles of the Bologna Process, increases the competitiveness of the university, forms an attractive image of the university in society.

Invited foreign scientists

Urazboev Gayrat Urazalievich - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor at Urgench State University (Uzbekistan).

The Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of Urgench State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Gairat Urazboev was invited to the Department of Information Systems of the Engineering-Technical Institute as part of attracting foreign scientists at the expense of the national budget.

He delivered lectures to graduate and undergraduate students and young teachers, and provided scientific and methodological assistance (advice) on the preparation of scientific articles for publication in international journals listed in SCOPUS and Web of Science.

Gairat Urazboyev is a well-known scientist in the field of mathematical modelling and solution of nonlinear evolution equations.

Dimitar Karaivanov - Professor, Doctor of Engineering, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria was at A. Baitursynov KRU within the academic mobility programme for teaching staff.

During his stay, he delivered a lecture course and conducted practical classes on "Engineering method for investigation of compound planetary gear trains" for bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

In addition, he gave presentations to doctoral students and lecturers on "Some peculiarities and problems in preparing and publishing articles in journals with impact factor", "X-Gear - European project to help gear manufacturers", "The current state of agriculture in Bulgaria".

Yuri Evgenyevich Mikhaylov - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Ural State Forestry Engineering University (UGLTU) (Russian Federation).

Under the program of academic mobility of teaching staff in the A. Baitursynov KRU from November 15, 2021 was a professor of ecology and environmental management of the Ural State Forestry University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) Yuri Mikhailov.

For the students of Educational Programs in Ecology, Biology, Biology-Chemistry, Geography-Biology Yuri Mikhailov gave lectures on ecology of animals and plants. But he paid special attention to advising undergraduates on the topics of master's theses and scientific articles writing.

In addition, he delivered a course of lectures "Geoecology and Environmental Management", "Biology", "Geography", "Chemistry" for Master's degree students.

Kupriyanov Andrey Nikolaevich - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor "Institute of Ecology and Man" Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Federation).

He delivered a lecture on "Conservation and management of biodiversity: problems and challenges" for the students of EP "Biology" and "Ecology", undergraduates of EP "Biology", "Geoecology and Nature Management", doctoral students of "Biology", faculty members of V.I. Dvurechensky Agricultural Institute where he outlined the theoretical basis and methods for addressing scientific and practical challenges of biodiversity study and conservation.

Much attention was paid to the species and ecosystem levels of diversity, the main methods of assessment of the state and dynamics of biodiversity, including local and global changes in the environment; international programs and national strategies for biodiversity study and conservation.

During 4 weeks a course of lectures "Contemporary issues of higher plant systematics" was delivered to the undergraduates of "Biology", "Geo-ecology and Nature Management" educational programmes. In addition, students of Biology and Ecology educational programs have taken a course on "Medicinal resources".

Solovyov Sergei Alexandrovich - Doctor of Biology, Professor, Senior Researcher at the Department of Biogeography, Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University (external associate of the Zoomonitoring Laboratory of the IS&EZ SB RAS) (Russian Federation).

Professor Soloviev S.A. was invited to the Department of Natural Sciences. The scientist shared with his Kazakh colleagues his research in the field of global ornithological problems of Northern Eurasia.

Festa Adriano - PhD, Professor, University of Turino (Italy).

The professor was invited to the Department of Mathematics and Physics, where he gave lectures and practical classes to students of the Mathematics degree programme. As a scientific adviser, he met with Master's students, where the topics of Master's theses were discussed.  In addition, there were training seminars for young scientists and doctoral students and refresher courses for faculty members.

Tashev Alexander Nikolov - PhD in Biology, Professor, University of Forestry (Bulgaria).

The professor gave lectures and held practical classes for students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Biology, Ecology and Chemistry and Natural Sciences Departments, as well as a training seminar for young scientists and doctoral students for university teaching staff.

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