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Laboratory of innovative technologies

The Laboratory of Innovative Educational Technologies of the Department of Academic Work of KRU named after A. Baitursynuly is a platform for approbation and implementation of innovative technologies, on-line conferences, seminars, scientific and methodological events, training seminars for professional development of teachers.

The main directions of LIOT activity are:

  1. Scientific and methodological activity, which is carried out through the development and introduction of new educational technologies in the educational process, contributing to the improvement of the quality of education.

Training seminars on the issues of methodological support of the introduction and use of educational technologies in the process of designing and implementation of educational programs of higher education

  1. Teaching and methodological activity is carried out through the implementation of corporate training programs for teaching staff.
  1. Information and cognitive activity aimed at studying innovative educational technologies and their adaptation to the needs of the educational process at the university.
  1. Assistance in realization of the panorama of innovations of the Faculty.
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