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B001 Pedagogy and psychology

UNT passing score
Profile subjects of the UNT

Educational programs

6B01101 Pedagogy and psychology

The profession of a pedagogue-psychologist is considered one of the most popular among young people worldwide today. The demand for the profession of a pedagogue-psychologist is always relevant, and this relevance only grows from year to year.

Upon completion of the education, you will be able to work in:

  • Preschool organizations of all types;
  • General education schools, including lyceums, gymnasiums, small schools, sanatorium schools, sports schools, children's homes;
  • Special correctional organizations (boarding schools, classes for children and adolescents with special educational needs);
  • Initial vocational education institutions (lyceums);
  • Secondary vocational education institutions (colleges).

For admission to full-time education – 4 years (based on general secondary education):

  • Choose profile subjects for the Unified National Testing (UNT): Biology and Geography.
  • Achieve a passing score - 75.
  • Submit documents for a grant to the admissions office.

For admission to part-time shortened education – 2 or 3 years (based on pedagogical professional education):

  • Pass exams in two disciplines: basics of pedagogy and psychology, theory and methods of educational work.
  • Pass a special pedagogy exam (solving a pedagogical situation).
  • Pass an interview.
  • Submit a grant application (if grants are available).

For admission to part-time shortened education on a paid basis – 2 or 3 years (based on pedagogical professional education):

  • No exams required.
  • Admission to the university is carried out by admissions committees.

For admission to part-time shortened education – 2 years (based on higher education:

  • Submit an application.
  • Pass an interview.
  • Make a partial tuition payment according to the contract.

Special Exam:

  • Applicants for pedagogical specialties take one special exam conducted by the admissions committees of higher educational institutions.
  • Acceptance of documents and conducting a special exam for admission to the fields of education "Pedagogical Sciences" is carried out from June 20 to August 20 of the calendar year.
  • For those wishing to participate in the competition for the award of a state educational grant, the special exam is conducted from June 20 to July 12.

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