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В068 Food production

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Educational programs

6B07201 Technology of Food Products
6B07202 Processing and production technology from vegetable raw materials
6B07203 Technology of processing and food production

What tasks does the technologist perform?

  • The technologist is responsible for what needs to be done and in what sequence to get a ready-made quality product. The presence of a competent technologist in the staff of a manufacturing enterprise makes it competitive in the market.

What do people in the profession of food technologist do?

  • selection of equipment for the enterprise;
  • maintenance of technical documentation (drawings of finished products, product manufacturing schemes, production calculations, etc.);
  • product quality control;
  • troubleshooting that caused the manufacture of defective products;
  • introduction of new technologies into the production process that can make the product competitive (improvement and cheapening of production technologies), etc.;
  • testing of a new product and the launch of serial production.

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