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Research Institute of Applied Biotechnology

The Research Institute of Applied Biotechnology is engaged in biological scientific research, the provision of paid diagnostic services, the training of highly qualified specialists and highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel who possess modern methods and technologies of biotechnology, based on the integration of educational, research and innovation activities.

Structure of the Research and Innovation Center

There are two centers in the structure of  the Research Institute of  PB:

  • Research and Innovation Center (RIC);
  • Testing Center (TC).

As part of the centers there are 4 laboratories equipped with modern equipment:

  • Laboratory of molecular biological research;
  • Laboratory of immunobiological research;
  • Microbiological research laboratory;
  • Clinical diagnostic laboratory for Covid-19 diagnostics.

Scientific and Innovation Center – combines ideas and opportunities for the implementation of  scientific discoveries in various fields of activity. The range of research directions of the RIC includes the development and conduct of fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of  biotechnology, immunology, veterinary sanitation/medicine and the introduction of  modern achievements in agriculture, food industry and medicine.

Testing Center – conducts examination of  food and agricultural products, diagnostics of  infectious diseases of agricultural and domestic animals and birds; diagnostics of  COVID-19 in humans, determines the origin of animals.

  • The Testing Center is accredited in the State system of Technical Regulation of  the Republic of  Kazakhstan for compliance with the requirements of  GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 (certificate of  accreditation no. KZ.T11.1949 dated 27.10.17), is included in the register of  accredited laboratories of  the Customs Union.
  • Has a permit to work with pathogen group 2 microorganisms (COVID-19) no. KZ43VMY00001924

Capabilities of the laboratories of the centers:

  • Control of the authenticity of the origin of farm animals;
  • DNA certification of farm animals;
  • Detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food raw materials, food products and feed to ensure food security;
  • Determination of residual amounts of antibiotics and hormonal growth stimulants in food raw materials and food products;
  • Diagnostics of infectious diseases of  agricultural and domestic animals;
  • Determination of resistance of opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms to antimicrobial drugs.

The Centers of  the Research Institute of  PB carry out educational activities: on the basis of  laboratories, within the framework of  scientific projects and program-targeted scientific projects, doctoral students, undergraduates, as well as graduate students of  veterinary specialties, animal processing technology, biology and biotechnology conduct scientific research and perform their dissertation research.

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