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B078 Animal production

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Educational programs

6B08201 Technology of Livestock Production

Carries out zootechnical work to improve the breeding and productive qualities of farm animals and poultry, breeding breeding young.

Organizes the rational use of feed, pastures, ensures the introduction of advanced digitalization technologies, systems of maintenance, feeding, livestock care, reproduction at complexes.

Controls the quality of livestock products, studies the causes of its deterioration and seeks to eliminate them, monitors the timing and schedules of product sales, sorting and culling of livestock for sale.

Determines the compliance of manufactured products with the requirements of standards.

Objects of professional activity of the specialist:

  • research institutes and universities of biological, agricultural profile;
  • livestock enterprises, including complexes, breeding plants, commodity farms, producers, etc.:
  • dairy/beef cattle breeding;
  • breeding/productive/sports horse breeding;
  • fine-wool/semi-fine-wool/coarse-wool/semi-coarse-wool sheep breeding;
  • bacon/tallow/combined pig breeding;
  • agricultural poultry: egg/meat poultry; beekeeping; fish farming; fur-bearing animal husbandry; reindeer husbandry;
  • manufacturing enterprises (meat, dairy, beekeeping, poultry farms, wool, etc.) of the processing industry;
  • research laboratories; breeding, testing stations;
  • educational organizations.

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