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Non-formal education

Non–formal education for adults is a type of education carried out by organizations that provide educational services without taking into account the place, time and form of training, and is accompanied by the issuance of a document confirming the training results.

Courses on additional educational programs of non-formal education are carried out through the provision of educational services to adults in order to meet their cognitive needs.

The recognition of the results of non-formal education is carried out by the commission, whose competence includes the check of the submitted documents and their assessment of the compliance of the achieved results of non-formal education with the results of the EP training.

The document confirming the results of training is the certificate of completion of training.

Students of courses on additional educational programs of non-formal education can be both University students and people wishing to participate in non-formal training.

University students can take the courses in their spare from classes time according to the educational program in the following order:

  • a student who wants to study courses in an additional educational program in addition to the curriculum has the right to apply to the department of additional education during the academic year. The student is allowed to master the disciplines at any period of study, even during the holidays;
  • a student who wants to master the prerequisites necessary for the relevant professional curriculum applies to the Department of Additional Education.

Persons applying for the courses on additional educational programs of non-formal education submit the following documents to the responsible employee of the Department of Additional Education:

  1. an application form;
  2. a copy of ID.

Contacts: 8 (7142) 51-14-75

Admission committee