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B006 Teacher training in music

UNT passing score
Profile subjects of the UNT
Performing arts
Demonstration of general musical abilities

Educational programs

6B01402 Musical education
  • in general education schools,
  • in art schools,
  • in the regional philharmonic society,
  • in cultural centers,
  • in studios,
  • in kindergartens and colleges.

For admission, you need to pass:

  • Profile subjects: The history of Kazakhstan and Reading literacy (the number of points for each of them is at least 5). Note: If you have passed the UNT in 5 subjects, the scores of two subjects will be taken into account: The History of Kazakhstan and Reading Literacy.
  • Two creative exams. The minimum score for each creative exam is at least 5 points, the maximum is 45.

The total passing score for participation in the competition for a grant in the direction of "Pedagogical Sciences" is 75.

When calculating the total score, the results of the UNT in two subjects are summed up: the history of Kazakhstan and reading literacy and two creative exams.

Creative exams of the educational program «Music education»

  1. Performing skills (performing a vocal program with your own accompaniment on an instrument or with a minus phonogram).
  2. Identification of general musical abilities (rhythm, hearing, musical memory).

Special exam

  • Persons entering pedagogical specialties take one special exam conducted by the admissions committees of higher educational institutions.
  • Acceptance of documents and conducting a special exam for admission in the fields of education "Pedagogical Sciences" is carried out from June 20 to August 20 of the calendar year.
  • Those wishing to participate in the competition for the award of a state educational grant, a special exam is held from June 20 to July 12.

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