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Anti-Corruption Compliance Service

Compliance Officer vacancy

The following requirements apply to a candidate for appointment to the position of Compliance Officer:

  1. higher legal and/or economic education;
  2. work experience in senior positions in the specified specialties, and/or in the internal control unit, and/or in audit companies, and/or in government agencies of at least 3 (three)years;
  3. it is desirable to have experience and skills in the development of internal corporate documents, standards, policies and procedures on compliance and ethics, as well as in conducting activities to monitor business processes within compliance procedures, conducting internal investigations, reporting in the field of ethics and compliance, building corporate culture in companies;
  4. no criminal record;
  5. absence of corruption crimes;
  6. knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  7. certificate of professional development (in the field of compliance services).

A submission for appointment to the position of Compliance Officer may be submitted by the Chairman of the Management Board, members of the Board of Directors of the Company.

It is not allowed to combine the function of an anti-corruption Compliance officer with the functions of other structural divisions of the Company.

Admission committee