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Rules for the use of the Scientific Library

These Rules are based on the "Regulations on the Scientific Library" and regulate the relationship between the scientific library and users.

1. General provisions

  • The right to use the scientific library is granted to the teaching staff, undergraduates, students (full-time and part-time), employees and workers of the university. Other categories of readers are served only in reading rooms upon presentation of an identity card and with payment according to the price list approved by the rector of the university.
  • Users of the scientific library are provided with all available information resources.
  • The entry of readers into the scientific library is made upon presentation of an identity card or a document replacing it, according to the lists of admission to the university.
  • The reader is provided with comprehensive assistance in the selection of literature and in the formation of information culture.
  • The Scientific Library annually re-registers readers. Readers who have not passed the re-registration of the scientific library are not served. In case of termination of the use of the scientific library, the reader is obliged to hand over the books listed for him and issue a bypass sheet.
  • The main types of library services are provided free of charge. Additional paid services are provided on the basis of the list and price list approved by the Rector of the University.
  • Readers who systematically or grossly violate these Rules may be deprived of the right to use the scientific library for a period of 1 month or more.
  • Information about gross violations of these Rules by readers is transmitted to the deans of the University for consideration.

2. Rights and obligations

The Scientific Library ensures the realization of the rights of readers in its activities. The Scientific Library is obliged to:

  • form your funds in accordance with the profile of the university;
  • provide readers with access to all information resources of the scientific library;
  • to provide readers with complete information about the composition of library collections through the SBA and other forms of library information;
  • to provide advisory assistance to readers in the search and selection of information sources, to improve their information culture;
  • to exercise constant control over the return of issued books; to carry out accounting, storage and use of documents in the collections of the scientific library;
  • be responsible for the safety of their funds;
  • conduct humanitarian and educational work, conduct mass events that contribute to the formation of a high level of spirituality and morality among readers, a broad scientific outlook, creative thinking and the ability to further self-education;
  • create and maintain comfortable working conditions for readers in the library;
  • apply measures to readers who violate the Rules of Use of the scientific library (deprivation of the right to use the library for a period determined by the management of the department, depending on the degree of violation).

3. Reader's Rights

The reader has the right to:

  • use the main types of library and bibliographic and information services provided by the scientific library;
  • receive full information about the composition of the scientific library and advisory assistance in the search and selection of information sources;
  • to receive documents on subscriptions for temporary use or to work in reading rooms;
  • receive additional information and service services for a fee (according to the “List of paid library and bibliographic and information services and works provided by the scientific library);
  • participate in events held by the scientific library;
  • contact the administration of the scientific library with various requests and suggestions.

4. Responsibilities of the reader

  • take care of the documents received from the fund of the scientific library, return them in due time;
  • to receive literature, present a pass, sign for each edition in the book form;
  • upon receipt of documents, review each edition and, if any defects are found, inform the employee of the National Bank "Bilim Ortalygy";
  • the reader who used them last is responsible for the damage of documents; return the publications received in the scientific library within the established deadlines;
  • annually, at the beginning of the academic year, re–register with the presentation of all the documents listed for it;
  • readers who have not re-registered are not served; upon leaving the university, return to the scientific library all the documents listed for him and sign a bypass sheet;
  • in case of loss or damage of documents, replace them with documents recognized by the scientific library as equivalent;
  • observe silence and order when visiting the scientific library and maintain correct relations with other readers and staff of the scientific library.

5. Subscription usage Rules

On a subscription , publications are issued at home for the following terms:

  • educational publications – for students, undergraduates – for a semester in accordance with curricula and programs (no more than 15 copies);
  • teachers, undergraduates – for an academic year (no more than 15 copies);
  • scientific publications are issued for 15 days up to 5 copies. – all categories of readers;
  • art publications are issued for 20 days up to 5 copies;
  • the period of use of publications may be extended upon its presentation, if there is no demand for them by other readers, in agreement with the subscription staff;
  • a control or a single copy is not subject to delivery to the house; upon receipt of publications, the reader is obliged to: put a date and sign for each copy on book forms;
  • the literature used in group classes is issued on a subscription and is signed by the teacher in the book form of each publication. The teacher is responsible for this literature;
  • teachers and staff of the university are obliged to hand over or extend the period of use (but not more than 5 copies) of all library publications at the end of the academic year, i.e. by July 1;
  • for part-time students, the terms of use of literature are set depending on the timing of the examination session.

6. Rules of use of the reading room

  • the number of simultaneously issued publications in the reading room should not exceed 7 copies;
  • documents for use on the SRSP are issued from the reading room under the responsibility of the teacher;
  • it is forbidden to take books out of the reading room, when leaving the reading room for a long time, the reader must hand over the books he has to the librarian.

7. The reader is not allowed

  • remove documents from the premises of the scientific library, if they are not written in the reader's form;
  • enter the premises of the scientific library in outerwear;
  • to break the silence and order in the premises of the scientific library;
  • spoil library publications (make notes in them, underline, tear out sheets, bend the spines, etc.);
  • remove cards from catalogs and card files.
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