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Virtual Help Desk

Dear readers, the staff of the Scientific Library of the A. Baitursynov KRU will help you in the selection of literature and are ready to answer questions related to the activities of the library and its resources.

Types of queries performed:

  • thematic queries, the execution of which does not entail a complex bibliographic search and which can be performed on the basis of traditional and electronic bibliographic resources available in the information and library center, as well as Internet resources; requests for the availability of specific publications in the fund of the information and library center;
  • requests for clarification of bibliographic data of specific publications (book titles, information about the author, year of publication, etc.);
  • factual requests (information of a reference nature about specific objects, concepts, facts, personalities, etc.).

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  • Offensive information containing slander, defamatory information, other information harmful to honor, dignity and business reputation, or used for defamation purposes may be excluded from the text of the appeal.
  • Its components, information aimed at inciting social, racial, national, religious, class and tribal hatred, inciting social, national, tribal, racial, religious hatred, insulting national honor and dignity or religious feelings of citizens, propaganda or agitation of social, racial, national, religious, estate and tribal superiority, involving discrimination based on origin, social, official and property status, gender, race, nationality, language, attitude to religion, beliefs, containing calls for violent changing the constitutional order and violating the territorial integrity of the Republic, causing a threat to the security, life, health, morality of the population.

As a rule, the moderation of an appeal and the preparation of even an intermediate response to it takes some time. In this connection, repeated (duplicate) appeals may not be published, or appeals clarifying the reason for not posting previously submitted appeals or the status of their current moderation.


We do not accept claims for response times to requests requiring prompt resolution (urgent issues), especially those received after business hours


All your appeals are personal in nature, reflect the subjective opinion and attitude to the problem of a particular person - a resident of the region, therefore, in the future, it is not allowed to use the nickname "guest", "anonymous", "well-wisher", "group of comrades", "village residents" etc. It is unacceptable to use the blog as a mailing board, discussing problems with third parties, for private messages addressed to another specific interlocutor. Otherwise,  these questions and links will be deleted by the moderator. Information about the authors of requests received on the blog platform is strictly confidential.


  • Ибраев Ерден Ерназарович
    Здравствуйте. Подскажите пожалуйста каков квартиль Web of Science у научного журнала "Былые годы"?https://bg.cherkasgu.press/В открытых источниках указан только их квартиль в Scopus, но не Web of Science
    Здравствуйте, у журнала "BYLYE GODY" в базе данных Web of Science квартиль - Q1.
  • Диас Жамаров
    Здравствуйте, Можно получить у Вас список источников на запрос: "Анализ отношения школьников среднего звена к физической культуре"? Заранее спасибо!
    Здравствуйте по вашему запросу можем порекомендовать следующую литературу.
    Тема: «Анализ отношения школьников среднего звена к физической культуре?»
    1.Холодов, Ж.К. Теория и методика физической культуры и спорта [Текст]: учебник / Ж.К. Холодов, В.С. Кузнецов.- М.: Издат. центр "Академия", 2014.- 480 с.- (Высшее проф. образование. бакалавриат).
    Интернет ресурсы
    1. https://nsportal.ru/ap/library/drugoe/2018/03/31/issledovatelskaya-rabota-otnoshenie-shkolnikov-k-zanyatiyam-fizicheskoy
    2. https://e-koncept.ru/2017/570080.htm
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