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Virtual foresight laboratory

Name of the project topic: "Virtual foresight-laboratory as a means of developing metacompetences in the humanitarian profile".

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Timeline: 2021 - 2023.

Brief description: The idea of the project is to use digital technologies, in particular virtual foresight-laboratory as a communicative tool of social partnership of humanitarian professional education, government representatives, local communities and customers of educational services to create a roadmap of strategic development of metacompetencies in students of humanitarian profile, which in the future will ensure competitiveness and demand for graduates of humanitarian specialties in the labor market.

Project Goal: Creation of an effective roadmap for the strategic development of metacompetencies in humanities students, taking into account future professional and qualification changes dictated by the labor market.

Project objectives:

  1. Organization of virtual foresight laboratory infrastructure as a means of metacompetencies development in the humanities profile.
  2. Informational support of virtual foresight-laboratory as a means of development of metacompetences in humanitarian profile.
  3. Carrying out research and analytical work of metacompetence development in students in the humanities profile.
  4. Public discussion of the results of the virtual foresight-laboratory and their dissemination.

Expected outcomes:

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