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The TOEFL International Test Center was established in April 2021 after passing accreditation and signing an agreement between the A.Baitursynuly Kostanay Regional University and the Educational Testing Service (ETS Global, Princeton, New Jersey, USA).

ETS creates, develops, administers and evaluates more than 50 million tests annually – including TOEFL ® and TOEIC ® tests, GRE ® and subordinate tests, Praxis Series ™ in more than 9,000 offices in 180 countries around the world.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an international exam in English as a foreign language. TOEFL is prepared by Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.

The main purpose of TOEFL is to assess the level of training of those for whom English is not their native language. The TOEFL certificate is a necessary document when enrolling in foreign universities to study under the Academic Mobility program, when obtaining the right to an internship in English or for entering a job that requires knowledge of English. Some scientific and professional certification programs also require applicants to pass the TOEFL. The TOEFL certificate is valid for two years.

Our center organizes and conducts TOEFL ITP® (Institutional Testing Program) tests, which are used to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers based on academic and social content. All tests are in paper format. Answers based on multiple choice are entered in the response sheets.

Test content

The test consists of 3 sections:

  • Listening Comprehension evaluates the ability to understand spoken English, which is used in colleges and universities.
  • Structure and Written Expression  evaluates the understanding of selected structural and grammatical constructions in standard written English.
  • Reading Comprehension evaluates the ability to read and understand academic material.

 Level 1 (intermediate - advanced). Duration– 115 minutes.

Sections Number of questions Time Points
Listening Comprehension 50 35 minutes 31–68
Structure and Written Expression 40 25 minutes 31–68
Reading Comprehension 50 55 minutes 31–67
Total 140 115 minutes 310–677

How can the test be used?

TOEFL ITP® tests are used in the next goals:

  1. For entrance into intensive English language programs at colleges or universities at different levels.
  2. To assess the learning progress in English language programs, especially academic English.
  3. As a final exam in English language programs, especially academic English.
  4. For entrance to short-term training programs and internships in English-speaking countries, in educational institutions that use these tests.
  5. For entrance to university programs, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs.
  6. For entrance to international exchange and cooperation programs where English is used.
  7. For entrance to scholarship programs, as proof of proficiency in academic English.

Upcoming testing dates for 2023

Date Registration link
03.07.2024 15:30 Go over

The cost of taking the test is 35,000 tenge. When registering, attach a scan of the payment receipt and a scan of the identity card.

Payment details (Payment via the app https://kaspi.kz is possible )

  • KZ398562203108711441
  • off-budget in JSC "Bank CenterCredit"
  • Beneficiary code: 16
  • Payment for TOEFL


  • Altynai Zhanatovna Abayeva: +7(747)691-73-70
  • Elena Mikhailovna Kandalina: +7(777)379-55-79, 53-01-88
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