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The way of life of a particular people is reflected not only in its musical and poetic art in song, but also in the art of dance.

The art of expressive movement dance has its roots in ancient times. All peoples have song-games in which the movements of the participants illustrate the words of the songs. Every nation has a dance that is most characteristic of it. It expresses the most significant aspects of national life.

The variety of dances was born from the character of the people, their life and way of doing things. The northern peoples do not dance like the southern or Eastern peoples.

Choreography – translated from the Greek "choreo" – "dance", "grapho" - "I write". Initially, this term was used as a "dance recording".

The hot climate brings bliss, passion and jealousy to the national dance. Of course, this applies not only to the dance movements, but also to their musical rhythm, which determines these movements.

The choreographic collective "Badrisafa" was created in the House of Culture of Students.

The repertoire of "Badrisafa" includes dances of different peoples: "Seasons", "Maki", "Ush zhuz", "Hafiz", "Kiiz basu", "Altynai" - Kazakh dances. Chinese dance is a "Celestial Mystery". Egyptian dance - "Pharaoh's Daughter". Oriental dances. Modern rhythms - "Back to the 60s", "Street Dance".

The dance ensemble is a laureate and diploma winner of republican competitions.

The main choreographer is Ismagambetova Aigerim Erkenovna.

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