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The regional “Smart-center” was visited by akim of the region A. Mukhambetov

The regional “Smart Center” of A. Baitursynov KSU was visited by the akim of the region A. Mukhambetov. KSU Smart Center is a unique platform on which IT technologies are focused on the formation of competencies at all levels. All the necessary conditions for the development and application of new digital technologies are created here. Co-working has been opened on the basis of the SMART-center - a launching pad for implementing student startups and scientific ideas, IT-skills (robotics, 3D modeling), Cyber-club and Agro-skills offices, which were created to attract talented youth of the Kostanai region. In 2019, 150 million tenge was invested from the university’s own funds for repairs and laboratory equipment, and this year an additional 150 million tenge is additionally expected to be invested in the implementation of IT technologies and laboratory equipment. According to the region’s akim, “We have high hopes for young people and are making efforts to create favorable conditions for the stable development of the young generation. And the Smart Center will help to attract the region’s youth to active research and production activities in the field of IT technology.”