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Rakpanova Diana Head
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Department of Youth Policy

The main goal of the Department of Youth Policy is to coordinate the work of departments, faculties, and the university institute to improve the educational process management system and the successful implementation of the Concept of Educational work of the A.Baitursynuly KRU for 2021-2025.

The main tasks within the framework of the University's quality assurance system:

  • organization of educational work on the formation of patriotic and national identity of students, the creation of a cultural and educational environment aimed at the development of spiritual and moral values in modern life, the foundations of legal culture, interfaith tolerance, promotion of the ideas of national unity of citizens of Kazakhstan and a healthy lifestyle;
  • providing social protection and psychological support to university students aimed at preventing addictive behavior and offenses among students, organizing monitoring of the state and dynamics of changes in the religious consciousness of students, preventing the spread of radical destructive ideas.

In accordance with the purpose and objectives, the Office of Youth Policy:

  • coordinates the work of student self-government bodies, public and creative associations, university departments engaged in educational work;
  • develops the program of the corporate training course "Curator's School", methodological recommendations for improving educational work in accordance with its tasks and directions, as well as for using effective forms of educational and cultural and leisure activities in order to improve the work of curators of academic groups;
  • conducts socially significant events in various areas of education, providing for the introduction of students to the system of cultural traditions of the institute, university, collective personality-oriented creative affairs, labor education, the development of spiritual values, moral ideals, as well as compliance with the student's code of honor, rules of etiquette, the manifestation of civic responsibility;
  • organizes sociological research among students in order to analyze the ongoing educational work, identify existing problems and develop recommendations for further improvement, involvement of students in socially significant activities;
  • allocates places in student dormitories and conducts activities to adapt students to living conditions, compliance with safety and fire protection;
  • provides consultations on issues of long-term and current planning, organization of work of student clubs and circles, on the effective use of methods, techniques, forms and means of educational influence, solving psychological problems that have arisen;
  • promotes the development of student self-government; the involvement of everyone in the social life of the institute, university; activation of the creative potential of students; increasing the possibility of their self-realization, development of initiative, reflective introspection and self-assessment;
  • monitors the implementation of the Concept of educational work at the level of the institute, faculty, university, as well as the observance by students of public order, Rules of residence in dormitories, Internal regulations at the university.
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