Dochshanova Alma Irgibaevna
Rector of Kostanay State University named after A. Baitursynov

Candidate of economic Sciences, professor

Academician of The international Academy of agrarian education

Deputy of Kostanay regional maslikhat

Chairman of the public council of the Kostanay region on the implementation of the «“Five Social Initiatives of the President” » of N. Nazarbayev

Chairman of the standing commission of the regional maslikhat on budget, industry, development of small and medium-sized businesses

301, KSU main building
Ismuratova Galia Suindikovna
Acting Vice Rector for Research and Internationalization

Doctor of Economics, Professor

Academician of the International Academy of Agricultural Education

Honored Worker of the International Agricultural Higher School

Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan

315, KSU main building
Ismailov Arman Orazalievich
Acting Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Innovations

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate professor

Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Informatization

308, KSU main building
Mamiev Nurlan Bekentaevich
Acting Vice-Rector for Social and Economic Affairs

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor

Honored Trainer for Togyzkumalak of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Holder of the titles of «National Sports Judge of the Highest Category» and «International Arbiter of World Kyrgyzkumalak Federation»

Vice President of the Togyzkumalak Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

314, KSU main building