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A scientific approach to forest restoration

The scientific work of a Baitursynuly University student on the state of the forest after the large-scale Auliekol fire was recognized as the best in the republican competition.

Yulia Priezhikh is a 4th year student at the Department of Natural Sciences at Kostanay Regional University. A. Baitursynuly.

At the republican research competition for the Biology educational program, she presented her research on the condition of the damaged forest.

Let us remind you that the fire in the Auliekol district of the Kostanay region, which occurred in 2022, became one of the largest in the history of Kazakhstan.

It destroyed 43 thousand hectares of forest. According to experts, it will take 70-150 years to restore the lost forest and ecosystem of the region.

The student studied the outbreak of mass reproduction of pine stem pests after this fire.

She was assisted in her scientific research by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Tatyana Bragina. As a result, out of 40 works presented by students from thirteen universities, the best was the project from Baitursynuly University.

By the way, scientific work has an applied effect - the analysis can help organize monitoring for the presence of stem pests (for example, with hanging traps).

The competition was held on the basis of Shakarim University (Semey). Next year, thanks to the victory of a Kostanay student, it will be held at the Kostanay Regional University named after. A. Baitursynuly.

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