Conducting a round table with city school teachers on problematic issues of the updated program

On November 25, within the framework of the educational discipline "Criteria assessment", a round table was held with the invitation of teachers of the city's schools in physical culture. In total, 16 teachers from different schools of the city attended the round table. In total, there were more than 55 participants at the round table.

Round table program on the topic

"Problems of the organization of the physical culture assessment system in the conditions of the updated program" was interesting to both teachers and students. The head of the department made a welcoming speech. Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture and Sports Ph.D. Ohienko Nadezhda Anatolyevna

On the question Main problems in the assessment system for the discipline Physical culture in the conditions of the updated program, Ph.D. Kifik Natalya Yurievna. On the part of the teachers, Dmitry Sergeevich Chentsov, the head of the NIS of Kostanay, a teacher of the highest category, and Alexander Gennadievich Minko, a teacher of the highest category of the school-lyceum No. 1, spoke. In their speeches, the teachers drew attention to the issues of the peculiarities of teaching physical culture in the context of the updated program: problems and prospects.

The round table program included a discussion on the following issues:

  1. Organization of the assessment system in the context of updated programs
  2. Characteristics of the updated physical education program
  3. Difficulties in the assessment system in modern conditions
  4. Ways of getting out of the current situation according to the assessment system.
  5. Proposals for optimization of criteria-based assessment in physical culture in the context of the updated program

During the discussion, 4th year students, university professors and school teachers took an active part.

Based on the results of the round table, it was decided to prepare a resolution including problematic issues of teaching physical culture in modern conditions, including issues of the assessment system.

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