Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Medical Centre


Doctors have reported that the general state of health of the students, like all young people, deteriorated. And all this is happening precisely at the moment when requests to future specialists increases. Therefore, to the health of the students keep in normal form, it must carry out preventive and specific health activities.


Center of primary medical and sanitary help of Kostanay State University. Efforts to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, daily exercise, eating, no bad habits. After all, a healthy lifestyle is the main preventive measure against various diseases.


Maintaining the health of students and the faculty and staff of the University - the most noble task, the solution of which and employees of the medical center of KSU. The main direction in the work of the medical center is focused on disease prevention to prevent the occurrence of acute diseases and reduction of exacerbations or complications of chronic diseases.


Health of students of higher education institutions is already undermined since the moment of receipt. The first acquaintance of students to the medical center happens even during work of a selection committee when employees of the medical center carry out registration of medical certificates and explanatory work with entrants of higher education institution.


The second acquaintance to the medical center will begin with obligatory medical examination. Annually in September we perform medical inspection of students of the first courses. During medical examination students with the weakened health come to light, with sharp and chronic diseases which are registered further also dynamic supervision, in due time effectively receive treatment by medical examination. On medical examination students meet the therapist, the surgeon, the neuropathologist, the oculist and other experts.

If everyone says «healthy», then the student will get to the main group for physical culture; if there are any illness, the student will determine to a special sports group, a group of physical therapy.


Medical help to the medical center at KSU can be accessed by all students of the University.

Vaccination of students is carried out according to the plan, drawn up on the basis of medical certificates or vaccination card, which are included in the list of necessary documents at receipt in high school.



Tuberculosis as the chronic infectious disease remains the important national problem keeping high relevance and now, is object of close attention of the state and society. Therefore annually everything without exception students of KSU free of charge pass fluorographic medical examination in a study place.


During the school year doctors of the University serve the competitions of the sports club «Sunkar». On a monthly basis with the purpose of dissemination of medical knowledge, the preservation and strengthening of health, improvement of sanitary-hygienic culture of the youth organize lectures, talks and other sanitary-educational work.


For this purpose the lecturers from the center of healthy life, specialized clinics. Used posters, displays, films and literature. Regular staff of the medical centre conduct sanitary briefing with the commandants, the technical staff of the academic buildings and dormitories adherence to and implementation of sanitary rules and norms. Monthly routine inspection students living in hostels for skin disorders, head lice.


Weekly raids on the sanitary situation of the rooms of the residence, household rooms, sanitary units. Conducted outreach according to the rules of stay in public places, observance of personal hygiene. They talk about the dangers and consequences of behavioural risk factors (Smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, poor nutrition).


Medical center of the KSU consists of three health units, which are located in their offices close to their place of study and accommodation of our students. The first aid station is located in the main building, 47 A.Baitursynov  street, second first-aid post is located in the building of a sports complex on Abay Avenue 28, the third - in the building of the House of students No. 1,138. Pushkin St.


Working time - from 9.00 till 18.00. Daily current method is conducted by two paramedic Skomorokhova Natalia Mikhailovna and  Osipchuk Natalia Yevgenevna, two precinct doctor of the Polyclinic №1 - Golovacheva Raisa Mikhailovna (leads reception in the infirmary of the KSU on Abay Avenue 28) and Kudabayeva Rosa Moldabayevna (in the Polyclinic №1). In the infirmary (Pushkin 138) is receiving a dentist Kuzbagarov  Ruslan Kurmangaliyevich.