Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Monitoring system and estimations of educational achievements of students

Control of educational achievements of students – is a verification of educational achievement of students in a specific discipline on the basis of various kinds of control tasks (written work, tests, practical work, portfolio, oral interviews, etc.), it is subdivided into the current control, mid-term control and final control.


Monitoring academic achievement - the systematic examination of educational achievements of students for each topic and / or section of the discipline carried out by the teacher in the classroom during the semester.

Boundary control academic achievement - periodic inspection of educational achievements of students carried out according to the approved academic calendar teacher, leading education sessions. Boundary control takes the form of a colloquium, written tests, testing.

Final control - check of educational achievements of students carried out after the completion of the study of the discipline, during intermediate certification upon completion of the academic period, the shape of the final control is the exam: reading, writing, testing.




All forms of control, the timing of their delivery listed in syllabus.



In EMCD contains questions to prepare for the exam and boundary control.


All classes missed by students must be worked out in due time of the teacher.



Testing sessions after issuing semester rating is not allowed!

All the educational achievements of students are evaluated on a 100 point scale for each completed task (answer in class, renting homework, perform control work, etc.), the final result of the calculation is applied for certification of the arithmetic mean of the sum of all marks by types of work.

To the exam are allowed the students who scored at least 50% of a semester rating.


A student can not be admitted to the exam for the discipline for the following reasons:

√ absence of the completed and protected course work (project);

√ low rating in  semester (less than 50% of the maximum rated semester);

√ not satisfying the requirements for tuition. Not allowed to interim certification.

In the sheet in the "mark" the teacher says "not allowed" and this equates to "unsatisfactory" mark.



The final mark for the discipline is exhibited by the total score and ranking semester credit received by a student in the exam. At the same time on the exam the student must obtain at least 50 % of the maximum rating of the examination.

Positive evaluation examiner entered in the examination sheet and grade book. Failing grade (F) is entered only in the examination sheet and transcript.

At the request of the examiner is required to motivate the student declared his assessment. If the applicant disagrees with the assessment of the examination the student has the right to appeal. The terms of the application to appeal you must inform the deanery.

If a student failed to appear at the exam in the sheet contrary to his name is made a note "did not appear" that is considered "unsatisfactory" ratings with unexcused reasons.



The evaluation system of educational achievements student

Based on letter system

Digital equivalent points

% content

Based on the traditional system







5 – "excellent










4 – "Good"
















3 – "Satisfactory"




2 – "Unsatisfactory"




There is no retake of exams when receiving an unsatisfactory evaluation on credit technology of education.

Student, received in a final form of control "unsatisfactory", has the right to re-listen and pass this discipline during the summer semester or subsequent academic periods on a fee basis. However, he must go again through all the controls included in the program discipline.




In some cases, if there are valid reasons documentary confirmed by certificates, due to the order of the Dean in consultation with the department of registration is permitted passing the exam individually.


Throughout the semester, are being monitored attendance of students. Monthly the headman of groups and teachers pass information on attendance to the dean. Because of the systematic omissions of a large number of unsatisfactory points on disciplines a student may be expelled from the university.


Under academic debt of a student it is understood, formed as a result of the admission of the student not to the final control, provide an estimate of "unsatisfactory" on the exam or non-appearance for the examination without good reason. Students with academic session with the results of the debt are not deducted according to the credit system. Students - holders of educational grants, scored transfer point, but having academic debt, without losing the educational grant, must relearn the appropriate discipline and pass the exam on them for a fee. Elimination of academic debts carried out during the summer semester or further in the following semesters with a sufficient number of points for transfer to GRA.


Summer semester is organized on a fee basis for students with academic debt, the difference in the disciplines working curriculum at the exit of a sabbatical, restore, and transfer from another institution, from one specialty to another, for the accelerated additional training. The duration of the summer semester is set to 6 weeks. Record students to study subjects in the summer semester registration is carried out with the assistance of the department deans and advisors in due time before the start of classes. Student during the first week after the end of the examination session shall submit an application to participate in the summer semester on a special form.



Training in the summer semester is paid. The volume of credits summer semester lasting six weeks does not exceed 12.



All matters of control of students' knowledge, regardless of their achievements oversees registration department. At registration department every faculty attached the inspector who always can assist you and advise.




Registration department - service, registers the entire history of educational achievements of a student and organization of all kinds of knowledge and calculation of his academic rating.