Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

Museum of History of A.Baitursynov KSU

Museum of the history of A.Baitursynov Kostanai State University opened in 1998 on the initiative of Rector Academician Aldamzhar Z.A. in honour of the 125th anniversary of the birth of Ahmet Baitursynov. Originally the museum of history of KSU was combined with the museum A.Baitursynov and was located in the main building of the university.

An honourable mission of the museum was completed by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kyrymbek Eleuovich Kusherbayev.

Exhibits of the museum of history of A.Baitursynov KSU reflect the history of the university development, give an idea of ​​the scientific-educational, cultural, educational and social aspects of the university since its founding to the present. The sections of the museum are archival documents, photos, news stories of past years, which show the stages in the development of the university, the growth of its scientific-pedagogical personnel and material resources, the best students and teachers who have achieved great success in scientific, educational, social, sporting activities, Rector Building of the University since its inception.


On the initiative and with the direct participation of the rector of KSU Nametov A.M. in April 2010, the exhibits on the history of the university were transferred from the main university building to a separate room and there was founded a separate full-fledged museum of the history of the university. The museum has been allocated a separate floor of the infrastructure of the assembly hall of the University. The museum expositions were reissued taking into account modern facilities and new accumulated material. Direct executor and manager of the museum is Zhakyp Kalkaman Hasenuly, PhD, professor.

Opening of the renovated museum was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of KSU. A.Baitursynov. In a solemn ceremony on April 15, 2010, the museum was opened by Akim of Kostanai region S.V. Kulagin. Museum of the history of the University collects, preserves, studies, organizes and exhibits real, written records relating to the history and the present day of A.Baitursynov Kostanai State University.

Year of the museum foundation does not only coincide with the 70th anniversary of KSU, but with another important historical event – the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. In this regard, the museum tried to collect authentic archival documents revealing the daunting situation of students, faculty and staff in the war and postwar years, photos and archival materials of ex-soldiers, who graduated from Kustanai Pedagogical Institute (the predecessor of the University), and many years later honestly worked for the benefit of the people of Kazakhstan.

The first director of Kustanai State Teachers' Institute, honored teacher of Kaz. SSR Daulet Ibrayev

Major organizer of the education system in Kustanai region, Hero of Socialist Labor Ahmetgali Aitmukhanbetov



Naydenov Ivan Panteleyevich
Belinskaya Olga Lavrentievna
Musakulov Talip

Directors of Kustanai State Teachers' Institute of the war years – in 1941-1945


Sharipova M.Sh. - graduated in 1942
  Sergazin Ibrai - graduated in 1945

Graduates of Kustanai State Teacher’s Training Institute in 1942


Of course, with independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, training staff for all sectors of society needed a different approach. How it all began, how they got what we have today, how much the quality of training has changed since that time, how much international relations of KSU have expanded, faculty increased qualitatively and quantitatively, etc. – all these and other interesting historical events are reflected in the collections of the museum.

In the formation of the museum exhibits the foreground is the most important events in the history of the university associated with its creation, reorganization and change in status of the institution. An important place of the exhibition is given to historical figures who were at the origin of the university, managers, scientists, famous graduates, holders of sporting achievement, etc. Exposition of the museum covers the history of the university since the 1920's, since the formation of Kustanai state teachers' training institute, to the present day. In general, Museum of history of the University consists of four blocks. The first block includes the logo of the muse


In the second block is history of Kustanai teachers and teacher training college, on the basis of which A.Baitursynov Kostanai State University was created. Here, there are pictures of the organizers and leaders of the first teachers' institute and first graduates. It is interesting to see sections of the museum on the history of Kostanai Agricultural Institute, which was created mainly in the "region of the grain" of the republic and later in 2000 joined the staff of the University. These sections in the third block of the museum. The fourth block is the history of the formation and development of A.Baitursynov Kostanai State University today.



The sections of the museum display 368 archival documents, 636 photographs and newspaper stories of the last years. The museum has collected a lot of medals, cups and diplomas of our students won at the city, regional, national and international competitions in various sports. It also presents gifts donated by the guests at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of A.Baitursynov KSU.














The main task that the museum carries with honor is the formation of students' historical and patriotic pride for «Alma mater», a sense of belonging to its present days. The museum promotes the formation of a special outlook of people with higher education who feel their involvement in the values ​​and traditions of the scientific environment, which each student can join in the years of study at the university. The museum is the link between veterans and youth.

Museum of history of the University is the implementation of scientific and educational work among the students, studying youth population of the region, aimed at the completion of historical knowledge, the formation of a positive image of the university, promoting its social status.
The Museum of History of KSU has been visited by many famous statesmen and public figures, scientists, writers, artists. Among them are the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has made three visits to the University (1998,2000,2002 years), and other socio-political leaders of our state, as well as guests from Russia, America, Hungary, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Italy, Korea and other countries. The Museum of the History of the University is constantly visited by school children, teachers, districts and cities in the region, as well as students from different faculties of the university.