Institute for Basic Research

The main objective of the Institute is to develop fundamental research, conduct globally competitive research in priority areas of development of science in the established field of activity, as well as improving the quality of basic research and its active application in practice. Also, information and analytical support of A. Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University.

According to this goal the main objectives of the scientific direction of the Institute are:

  • Conducting fundamental research on topical areas of socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the mission and vision of the University;
  • Study, generalization and development of international experience and international scientific cooperation in the areas of research in accordance with the profile of the University;
  • Creation of conditions for the integration of scientific and educational activities, in particular the promotion of practical application and implementation of the results of research and development in the educational process;
  • Development of personnel potential of science, reproduction of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;
  • The development of international scientific cooperation, integration of science into the international scientific space;
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of transition successful basic research and exploratory research to applied stage of research.

In accordance with the purpose and main objectives of the Institute of basic research performs the following functions:

In the field of basic research and services:

  • annually develop promising areas of basic research, as well as a List of research projects funded under the state assignment of MES of RK;
  • to organize work on the support of projects within the framework of scientific and technical programs and government orders, for which KSU is the parent organization, including the examination and selection of research on basic research;
  • to form together with faculties and departments of the main scientific directions, to determine their relationship with the profiles of training and organizes planning in all areas of basic research;
  • participate in competitions for grants, which are held within the framework of national, regional target, and other programs, as well as within the framework of funds to support scientific and fundamental activities;
  • prepare and check the submitted documents and materials for the conclusion of contracts for the performance of fundamental research works and the provision of services;
  • organizes the implementation of fundamental research and development and the provision of services at the modern scientific level, ensures high quality and efficiency of the work;
  • monitors the timely implementation of fundamental research works and the provision of services in accordance with the approved technical specifications, programs and other conditions agreed with the customer in the prescribed manner;
  • creates temporary creative teams consisting of full-time teaching staff, doctoral students, undergraduates and students, including the involvement of contract-based specialists from other universities and research organizations; if necessary, attracts as co-executors of other organizations;
  • supervises and assists managers in the timely and correct execution of documents on completed works and individual stages and their presentation to customers;
  • ensures timeliness and accuracy of reporting on fundamental research projects submitted to the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan, bodies of state statistics and other reports provided by law within the competence of the IBR.

In the field of research support:

  • provides information services for fundamental scientific research;
  • forms and develops the infrastructure of the University to carry out fundamental research and development;
  • forms proposals on priority directions of development of fundamental research activities of the University;
  • organizes the participation of University staff, doctoral students, undergraduates and students in grant competitions, research programs at various levels and other fundamental research and innovative works;
  • participates in the organization of scientific (scientific-practical) conferences (forums, symposia, business meetings, etc.);

In the field of organization of accounting and planning of scientific research:

  • organizes the coordination of research, accounting and reporting in all areas of activity IBR;
  • coordinates the work of departments and departments that carry out research work in order to ensure the unity and complexity of the subject, advanced development of fundamental research and systematic use of research results in the educational process;
  • monitors the rational use of allocated funds for research;
  • organizes planning and reporting in all areas of research and analysis of their effectiveness in the framework of scientific and technical programs, grants, research projects, etc.;
  • develops and submits for approval proposals for financial support of fundamental research and development;
  • checks and approves the cost estimates for basic research and development and services, if necessary, makes changes to them and monitors their implementation;

In the field of connection of scientific researches with educational process:

  • organizes the development of fundamental research in the field of development and improvement of higher education;
  • promotes the involvement of full-time employees of the IBR in the management of scientific works of students, as well as lectures, seminars and other types of classes on a part-time basis;
  • provides its laboratory facilities to doctoral students, undergraduates and students for research, including the implementation of student works and projects, educational research and practical training;
  • together with interested personnel of the University and public organizations organizes the activities of student scientific societies, laboratories, research and production teams and other forms of scientific creativity of students.

In the field of fundamental research within the framework of national and international cooperation:

  • carries out in accordance with the established procedure of communication and conducts fundamental research in contact with other universities, institutions of the National Academy of Sciences, research, design institutes, enterprises, including foreign, by coordinating the subjects of research, the organization of joint fundamental research, scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical conferences, seminars, meetings, etc., the conclusion of agreements on creative cooperation;

Areas of fundamental research:

The allocation of oriented fundamental research is due to the need to reflect in this part of the plan specific expected in the near future scientific results, the further development of which can become the basis of applied research and development work.

According to this plan, all studies are divided into priority areas with clearly defined funding:

  • Trends and themes with the state budget funding;
  • With partial state budget financing through financial extra-budgetary funds or funds of regional budgets;
  • Without attraction of budgetary funds, the so-called proactive theme, direction;
  • Grants financed by international organizations.

The main directions of fundamental research are presented in 8 positions of specific Sciences:

  • Physical and mathematical Sciences;
  • Technical science;
  • Power and energy saving;
  • Informatics, digitalization, robotics;
  • Chemical Sciences and materials research;
  • Development of effective environmentally friendly and the most safe technological processes of processing of natural raw materials (including gas, oil, coal), organic and mineral raw materials;
  • Biological science;
  • Earth science;
  • Changes of natural-territorial complexes of Kazakhstan in the impact zones, the basics of environmental management;
  • Social science;
  • Historical-philological Sciences.

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