Driving school

There is educational and technical equipment for training students with additional working specialties on the basis of A. Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University at the Department of Machines, Tractors and Vehicles,

  • Driver of vehicles of categories “B”, “BC”
  • Tractor driver 2-3 classes

Educational and technical base includes

  • Educational equipment: cars, tractors, agricultural units and mechanisms;
  • Educational laboratories for laboratory and practical classes;
  • Computer classes.

Students undergoing training in additional working specialties, under the guidance of experienced teachers and masters of industrial training, gain solid skills and abilities, as well as observe discipline and safety when working on cars and tractors.

At the end of the courses, students pass qualification exams at the traffic police and State Technical Supervision to obtain driver and tractor driver licenses. When entering a training and production practice with the availability of these certificates, students are more in demand and prepared, which allows them to prove themselves to the employer on the positive side.

During the training period, competitions are held for driving a car. The competition is held in two stages. The first step is to pass a theoretical exam in the form of computer testing (40 questions) according to the rules of the road. The second step is to perform the car driving according to the figures: “Snake”, “Eight” and “Reverse”.

The set for training is carried out from among students of the A. Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University

Admission committee