Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.

«Integration of educational environment’s subjects in process of formation of students’ research competence» debating club

Biology and Chemistry department met numerous guests: scientists, teachers, leaders in the Knowledge Centre of A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University within the holding of the debating club «Integration of educational environment’s subjects in the process of the formation of students’ research competence». The project was implemented in partnership with Education Department of Kostanay region’s akimat, branch of JSC «Orley» National Centre of the professional development», Institute of the professional development of teaching staff across Kostanay region, Regional Scientific and Practical Centre «Kostanay daryny», Urban Center for work with the gifted children «Daryn» of Education Department of Kostanay akimat. The purposes of the debating club: to promote the professional and pedagogic interaction and integrate concerted effort for improvement of quality and success of the scientific and research activity of educational environment’s subjects.

The scientific methodological potential of the department has a decent confirmation in own long-term activity. Scientific results of teachers from the department regularly are published in the significant editions, are confirmed by patents, certificates, and are accompanied by the students’ success. Today, the register of intellectual property’s objects of teachers from department is estimated by 23 objects. The biology and chemistry department has the rich fund materials of the entomological museum. This and much more give a certain right to offer the view of cooperative activities to the invited guests. The participants were given the opportunity to express their points of view on the discussed problem, and further to formulate the general opinion. The methodological discussion was held on the problem of formation of research competence at the students. All performances became valuable for participants, especially of R.V.Khudyakov - head of the department of methodological accompaniment for innovative development of branch of JSC «National Centre for Professional Development «Orleu» Institute for Professional Development of education workers across Kostanay region; A.S.Saipilova - head of the Urban Center for work with the gifted children «Daryn» of Education Department of Kostanay akimat; L.Kh.Saidysheva - expert auditor of the international class, head of the department of the LLP certification Testing Centre «Firma SAPA I K»; A.K.Permyakova - candidate of pedagogical sciences, deputy-director for scientific and methodical work of Municipal State-Owned Public Enterprise «Kostanay college of automobile transport». The genuine interest was expressed by the methodological discoveries of M.D.Dikontiy - teacher of the biology of №17 secondary school;  K.A.Nugumanova - master on the programme of Management by the educational process, teacher of the chemistry of KSI «Boarding-school for the gifted children «Ozat»; O.Yu.Voropayeva - master of the chemistry, teacher of physico-mathematical lyceum. The mutual enrichment occurred in the process of real-life communication and task performance of the trainings. 

Z.N.Sadvakassova - head of the sector of biology and chemistry of SI «Management of Education of Kostanay region’s akimat»- evaluated the action as methodical valuable event, which has perspectives for the development in the educational system in Kostanay region.

Turning to the topic of the discussion, G.Zh.Sultangazina, who is the head of Biology and Chemistry department, candidate of biological science, associate professor, corresponding member of KNANS (Kazakh National Academy of Natural Science), author more than 100 significant scientific works, text books, which have various formats, owner of the rank «Best teacher of HEI of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2016», noted the urgent need for development of research competence of the participants. The research competence forms progressively and comprehensively. The sequence of the formation process of competence depends on many factors, in particular, on organization’s peculiarities of academic and educational work process, work of scientific society in the school, age of learners, opportunities of social and scientific partnership. Work on research competencies of the learners is a purposeful, laborious process, in which efforts of all subjects of educational process should be concentrated.