Kostanay state
A. Baitursynov
In order not to be behind other nations -
It is necessary to acquire knowledge, to be rich and strong.
In order to know - it is necessary to study,
In order to be rich - it is necessary to go in for craft,
In order to be strong - it is necessary to keep unity.


Integration into the European space of Education

The development of A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University has been determined lately by its aim to the model of preparing specialists for  international pracrice<integration into European zone of higher education, participation in the Bologha process  and creation of educational quality assurance. The University accomplished the transition to the three leveled model of education: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD degree. The education is conducted on 34 specialities of  bachelor’s degree, 18 – master’s degree and 3 - PhD  degree. Contingent of masters and doctors is increasing every year. The educational process is led by about 200 people with scholastic degrees including more than 20 Doctors of Science.

In November 17, 1998 The International videoconference with the universities of Kostanay and Oklahoma State university was held via Internet on the base of Kostanay State University for the first time in Kazakhstan practice. The President of Kazakhstan took  part in that conference.

A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University was acknowledged as an award winner of French premium  “The gold medal of SPI Association ” for successful development in nomination “Strategic management”.


The university worked out its own model of educational process based on general principles of credit technologies of education. At the same time the system of quality management was established and certificated on base MC ISO 9001: 2000, and in October 2009 on base of MC ISO 9001: 2008. In June 2010 the university passed institutional accreditation in NAC of MOS of the  Republic of Kazakhstan. Ensuring  leading positions and high level of competitive ability in region and stable position in  rating of Kazakhstan universities are also achievements of Kostanay State University. According to the final rating in 2012 the university took the 6th place in general rating of Kazakhstan universities. From 2010-2011 a distant educational technology was incorporated in the university.


In September 18, 2009  A.Baitursynov Kostanay State University signed “Magna Charta Universitatum” and thus took the responsibility to develop autonomy, democratic principles of management, academic freedom of students, scientific researches, educational programs, inseparability of teaching and researching.


The connection with employers is consolidated systematically. The principles of cooperative management are incorporated in the university by means of extending functions of authority boards and raising their openness, objectiveness and publicity and attracting students and employers to management.




Modern physical infrastructure

Kostanay State University has modern physical infrastructure which allows the university to give qualitative educational services and realize its missions, aims and tasks. The developed infrastructure has been created for the years of university existence, including modern educational buildings with light warm classrooms, educational and scientific laboratories, studies, museums, workshops, exercise rooms, gyms and assembly halls, numerous canteens and buffets, medical centre, dormitories.



All buildings were repaired. Annually new classrooms are opened at the expense of modernization of capital assets. In 2011 a new gym and summer sports–ground with artificial field were built at the expenses of internal funds. The total area of the gym is 1384,8 m2, the area of sports-ground is 1250m2.



In December 2006 information and education centre “Centre of Knowledge” was opened. It is equipped according to the latest requirements. By present time reading Internet halls with more than 100 computers have been set up in all university buildings. There is everything you need for a teacher and a student: an enormous fund of educational and scientific literature, periodicals, public access to the collections, an electronic catalog and the computer-assisted accounting and book-outgiving system with bar coding; online access to the world full-text electronic libraries of “SpringerLink” and “Thomson Reuters”, and the Republican Intercollegiate electronic library. 

For a successful training modern information and communication technologies are widely used. The University has created a high-tech information-educational environment, which is a combination of information and educational resources available on the relative university networks and operates on

the basis of a unified corporate telecommunications network linking with fiber optic transmission lines all the computer equipment (about 1000 PCs) with access to the global network. Internet speed is 40 MB / s connection between buildings - 60 MB / s, and in this respect the University occupies a leading position among the universities of Kazakhstan. Internet access for all students, faculty and staff of University is free and unlimited.


The long-term science

The purpose of the university in the field of research is to develop a new generation of university - the University of combining educational activities with scientific research, engineering  and technological developments and their practical implementation in key areas of the region. 

In August 2011, the A.Baitursynov university was accredited as a subject of scientific and technological activities.

In order to achieve the priority of research and innovation activities of the university, and taking into account the need for coordination and promotion of researches, the University established the Center for Economic Research and Innovation Research and Education Center to ensure the development of effective use of innovative capacity. 

The university annually holds international scientific and practical conferences with the participation of leading experts, scientists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada.

In August 17, 2012 the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Zhumagulov BT visited Kostanay State University.  During the visit, the Minister got acquainted with the information and education center “;Bilim ortalygy, met with the trustees and members of the Alumni Association of the university and the faculty staff of the university. 


One measure of the effectiveness of the research work is the increase in the number of projects  participating  in the competitions of scientific projects announced by the Committee of Science of RK. In May 2012, 75 projects were sent and five of them received grant funding. In December 2012 there were more than 70 projects. 


Scientists, graduate students and university take an active part in the competitions of national and international level. For example, in 2011. in the national contest “Innovative boosting”; of physical and mathematical sciences, the project of professor V.M.Poezzhalova “Low energy method of sterilization of milk” won a prize. In March 2012, in the Republican Olympiad on programming N. Szymanski took the second place ,the  third place was taken by S. Zhuravlev. In April 2012, in the international competition in the field of information technology  O. Ivanova  took the first place, N. Szymanski  took the third place. In November 2012 in “Startap Weekend” 3 teams of the university took  the first three places. The first place was given to  the project “Light”, developed at the Department of Electricity and physics.  


Since 2010  a contest of student business projects is annually held in KSU . Each year, students with academic leaders develop 30-40 projects. At the tender committee for the selection of projects representatives of major campaigns, public bodies and businesses are involved and the best projects are recommended for implementation. A number of interesting ideas and projects receive funding, for example the project “Photocabin” is funded by LLP “Stofarm”



One of the most important areas in the framework of international co-operation is participation of KSU in the program “Tempus”. The university continues to work on three projects of the program “Tempus”, aimed at improving the educational programs in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process and the development of support services for students. A number of graduates and students study at universities in Europe through the state program of academic mobility and Erasmus Mundus. 


Since 2000, the multi-disciplinary journal “3i:intellect, idea, innovation” has been published by KSUt.  Scince 2009 it has been  included in the list of scientific publications, recommended for publication of the results of theses on the agricultural and veterinary sciences. In 2012, the journal was registered with the International Centre for the Registration of Serials ISSN (UNESCO, Paris, France).